The Journey From Better To Best

Vibrant 360┬░Promotional Approach

A Better Life, A Better World, how to serve a brand claiming to have everything better? Recharge made an approach to project visual appeal and best promotional plans.

Panasonic; the electronics giant aimed at conquering the market of Central India with strategic planning. And, Recharge came forward with the vibrant promotional approach to positioning them as a reliable & technology-driven brand.

CB Patel Health Club - Logo Design
CB Patel - Mandira Bedi Fitness Photo

Got Success And How

The client was pleased with our robust execution of the exhibition and society activities. We then worked with them to revamp their products with the help of dealer meets, in the shop & on shop branding, roadshow, etc. which helped them receive excellent feedback.

Our approaches apparently have worked in their favor, and it gives Recharge immense satisfaction to be part of their win-win journey.

CB Patel Health Club - Leaflet Design
CB Patel - Mandira Bedi Exercise Photo
CB Patel - Mandira Bedi Fitness Photo
CB Patel Health Club - Swimming Pool Photo