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We first extract the essence of your business then, delivers the design beyond your imagination with our creative design services. We create a unique identity for companies though spectacular new log, attractive business cards and stunning brochures/flyers that convert it into the brand.


What comes in our mind whenever we are in search of some product or services? The brand name obviously. Those have heard on FM, Radio or have been looking for years in TV ad or Newspaper, Hoarding etc. Advertising is not at all a rocket science, it’s just clear and simple truth, the truth that is all about winning consumers heart and makes special space in their hearts, creating a need to buy that product. We here at Recharge Trend Setter, have experienced team who never sticks to the same pattern and design while creating campaigns; we test over and think creatively every single time. We work with the click, for the client 24*7.


Recharge knows very well that different businesses need a different type of advertising strategies, but one advertising product is must for each and every business and that is Brochure. That’s why our creative team of experts indulges good quality time while designing brochures for your business according to your requirements and objectives. The brochures will be designed in such a way that it will catch audience eyeball for sure.

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Promotions and merchandising are major keys to the success of any business and we offer flexible custom solutions for Visual Projects and Special Events. We have a broad range of services available like POP material and Visual merchandising. Our goal is to provide complete creative support for the production of your visual merchandising project. Visual merchandising includes both the exterior designing and interior of the store. The real capacity of the display is to allure and illuminate customers, driving them toward the buy choice.

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Logo Design

Build strong brand recognition & add a flame of modernity in your brand name by our logo designs service. We designed a logo that speaks work area, ethos and, a core value of the business and its brand. We have a team of experienced logo designers who have rendered numbers of impressive and effective logo for our client by using the latest technologies. Our designs would be easily adaptable by your customer.

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With over 20 years of experience, we have to build a very strong portfolio comprising known corporate clients. It’s a fashion nowadays in the industry to make ads with cartoon characters. Good cartoon character development is essential to the success of your business, product, book or web site. No matter what style or type of business you are, you'll appreciate our creativity and deep understanding of using cartoon imagery to deliver business goals.

Print/Magazine Ads

What comes in our mind, whenever we are in search of some product or services? The brand names! At Recharge, we offer creative advertising campaigns made according to your requirement and objective that would be cost-effective and time-bounding for the print and magazine ads. Being an ad agency, we never stick to the same pattern and design while creating campaigns for print and magazine ads; we test over and think creatively every single time.

PowerPoint presentation

Experts in high-end business presentation, Recharge Trendd Setter uses multimedia, voiceovers, graphical effects, engaging content, animation etc. to crack the deals. We take a unique approach through our PowerPoint presentation services to pitch, show and present business and strategy of our client to their client. Our business presentation services make sure that we don’t do injustice with your brand. Our content experts have skills to present your ideas most creatively to convert a viewer into a customer


The content writing is not at all easy task, as it should be unique and interacting, it should keep visitors engage. Ordering high-quality content writing and translation services have never been so easy. Our expert team offers you quickly translated documents; localize websites content writing and copyright content. We also have a professional translation, web content writing and proofreading services. You will get 100% guanine translation & content services by our team..


Storyboards are powerful tools that help you to depict the story of your branding in a very sensible way through cartoon characters, animation. So, for such a perfect thing, you will need a perfect team. We here at Recharge have experts having extensive experience in the field and a highly creative approach to producing high-quality products that will be useful throughout production. Every client has different needs and requires the storyboard creation according to their requirements, so we have different categories for storyboards like one is just with the whole illustration and another one is using cartoon characters just like the comic.

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