Building Strong Position Of The Brand

And, We Did It Through Symbol Of Power

Have you ever heard about selling ice to an Eskimo? This is what we did in Kubota. Kubota Corporation is a tractor and heavy equipment manufacturer based in Osaka who expected us to change the mindset and perception of their TG about small-sized tractors.

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The Challenge Is To Change The Mindset

The challenge was very obvious because the farmers have a common perception that only large-sized tractor could help them in higher yield. The motto was to educate TG that even small sized tractors could be of phenomenal use with accurate technology. Some brainstorming led Recharge to come with the campaign communication-"Dumdar Performance Shandar Mileage".

As per our idea to show strength in small object, we creatively designed the vans with a bicep. The promotional activities and van campaigns were then followed by their promotional collaterals through creative representation and fabrication using 'symbol of power.' Successfully, the company has witnessed a phenomenal growth with this strategy and every now & then collaborate with Recharge for such innovative ideas

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