Bridge That Gap With Three

It's Fast, It's Furious, And It's PI

A good idea can sell ice to an Eskimo. The challenge that we faced with PI (Pesticides India) was something similar wherein they wished to establish the importance of four products for chilli crop by promoting their entire product range

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Got Success Like Never Before!

After the colossal brainstorming to fix a complete range of PI products in farmers’ minds where they can connect with the authenticity of chili crops, we started by giving a punchline “Pareshanio Ke Teen Hal, Mirchi Ki Bharpur Fasal” to maximize PI Industries portfolio penetration in Chilli.

This was done with the help of creative and campaign while followed up with a complete overhauling of all their marketing collaterals.

The closer that we get from the client proofs, we sell the ice successfully as they said that they experienced fantastic and phenomenal growth in the first phase of the campaign of this strategy.

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CB Patel - Mandira Bedi Fitness Photo
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